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Bay Rum Shave Soap 2.25oz

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Our old school blend of tropical bay tree leaves and Jamaican rum is the stuff of legend: it's one of the original scents of wet shaving. And Bay Rum Glycerin Shave Soap is one of the first products we introduced to honour our namesake, Colonel Ichabod Conk.

The Bay Rum scent accompanies a rich, thick lather that promotes that smooth, sure glide while you're shaving

It's just the kind of old school inspiration you need some days!

Remember: glycerine is synonymous with glide.

Indeed, we like to say, it's a smooth glide that moisturises.

For you technically minded guys, glycerine is a humectent. Humectents attract water to the skin.

It's also hygroscopic. That means it absorbs water from the air.

So, to put it simply: you're moisturising while you're shaving with Col Conk's Bay Rum Shave Soap.

Start with our Pre-Shave Oils to lay down a layer to set up your whiskers.

2 1/4 oz. round soap puck in a plastic clam-shell.

Outer diameter: 2 1/2"

Made in the USA